Update on Draft Civil Code

After promulgation, the upcoming Civil Code currently being drafted by the Government of Lao PDR (the “GOL”) will replace the Property Law; Contract and Tort Law; Family Law; Heritage and Basis of Inheritance; Secured Transaction Law; Nationality Law; Enterprise Law; and others. It aims to homogenise and clarify the legal concepts expressed in different, and sometimes contrary, ways across the scope of numerous laws.

Update on the Revision of Lao Law on Minerals

In accordance with the 5 Year Work Plan for the Creation and Revision of Laws of the VIII National Assembly (2016-2020) the Law on Minerals is currently under revision to be submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office for submission next month.

Suspension of investment in financial institutions

All business relating to financial institutions (including deposit/non-deposit-taking micro financial institutions, credit unions and savings, leasing companies, pawn shops, money transfer companies, etc) is subject to temporary suspension from 1 March 2017 until 28 February 2019.

Congratulations to Chintala Xayyaveth!

Arion Legal is pleased to congratulate our Legal Advisor, Chintala (Mam), on her milestone graduation! Mam  completed her studies late last year in the Certificate of Judge, Prosecutor and Lawyer program. Mam will be admitted to the Lao Bar Association in due course. We are very proud of Mam, who undertook a substantial 32 courses as well as practical work at both the civil and criminal courts in 2016 to obtain the qualification. Arion Legal has maintained its position as a highly regarded firm offering international quality services in Lao PDR for almost a decade. With a passionate, driven and highly capable team, 2017 marks the start of new and exciting opportunities for the firm as we expand our presence in the...