Arion Consulting Group

Arion Consulting Group is an associate of Arion Legal. Arion Consulting Group is an independent professional
advisory firm, specialising in corporate advisory and business strategy advice.

Arion Legal Australia
Arion Legal is a specialist corporate and commercial law firm with offices in Australia and Asia committed to providing innovative, commercial and cost effective legal services

Yunnan Baqian
Baqian was established in 2008 by the combination by three law firms in Yunnan Province, including Zhaoyao Law Firm, Lvzheng Law Firm and Xingtianping Law Firm.  Baqian is recognised as one of the leading full-service law firms in Western China.  Baqian is headquartered in Kunming and has one branch office in Chenggong.  The firm has approximately 154 employees and is a member of the Sino-Global Legal Alliance.

Baqian provides legal services in the following practice areas: real estate investment, bank & financial investment, intellectual property strategic management, company business, civil & commercial & administrative litigation, criminal procedure, foreign legal business, research department and marketing.