Lochlan Reef MacNicol – Legal Advisor

Lochlan is an Australian qualified lawyer having completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the Australian National University.

With experience in Australian domestic commercial law in numerous jurisdictions for both private firms and the South Australian Government. His mineral sector experience includes drafting and Government liason associated with the Regulations on Imposing Penalties for Offences Relating to Mineral Activities and Regulations on Mine Operational Plans currently under consideration by the Government of Lao PDR. He maintains close contact with stakeholders in the mineral and mining industry and is constantly expanding his experience and knowledge base in mining in Lao PDR.

Lochlan has provided advice for diverse clients on regulatory compliance on topics as wide-ranging as labour and employment law, family law, wills and inheritance, agriculture and forestry as well as energy and natural resource exploitation.

Lochlan has been involved in providing creative practical and client-focused commercial advice to a wide range of clients interpreting Lao PDR law and practice focusing on achieving the best commercial outcomes with a flexible and adaptable approach to client expectations and requirements.

Lochlan speaks English and Portuguese.